Customization FAQ

What is Customization?

Our customized service personalizes your JetPack bag with your very own DJ/Comany Logo.

How is this Customization done?

Your logo is placed onto the JetPack by using high quality threaded embroidery. We choose to use embroidery because of it's striking appearance, and also because of its durability and longevity.

Where is the logo placed, and how large is it?

Generally your logo is placed on the front of your JetPack, slightly above center, as large we can to be prominently featured. The size of the logo is usually between 5 to 7 inches for the longest dimension, depending on which product you ordered, and the shape of logo. If you have any other other requests please email us at

What if I order 2 logos?

Our main two options are both logos adjacent in the center of the JetPack, or one centered, and one in the bottom corner. The most common scenario for this option is one individualized logo and an accompanying company or crew logo. We would place them accordingly. Please email if you have any specific questions.

How do I submit my logo for customization?

On the product page, once you select either 1 or 2 logos from the customization drop down menu, a file upload option will appear for you to submit prior to adding to cart.

What file types do you accept?

Any standard image file is accepted, including JPG, PNG, PDF and vector files, etc.

Do you have any guidelines for submitting a logo?

This is a threaded embroidery, not a print, so certain design elements will not translate completely, such as color gradients, shading, glow effects, etc. It’s best to keep it simple, mostly text based, and to avoid complex images. It just won't look good. So please, try to avoid fading colors, sparkles, metallic shiny effects, etc. If you are unsure, please submit your logo beforehand to and we'll address any specific issue as necessary.

With the exception of the Slim Camo/Gray, when sending in your logo please be mindful that it will be printed onto a black surface, so solid black images or letters should be avoided, or surrounded with a border.

So can I can't just submit any picture?

In short no. The vast majority of our logos are simple text based logos with solid colors. Please do not send in complex pictures with backgrounds included, they will be omitted. Do not include additional images such as faces, profiles, and intricately detailed scenes, they will be omitted as well. This is not a printing service, we are just embroidering your logo, be it name or symbol. If your logo is too large or too complex, we may need to contact you about an additional logo charge.

How long does the customization process take?

We ask for up to a maximum of 3 weeks from date of purchase for the entire process, although this is the max amount only, we usually complete the process much quicker than that.

Why does it take that long?

Again this is not a simple print, we can't just input an image and the machine automatically embroiders the file. A skilled embroiderer has to take your image, and digitize it into an embroidery ready file that will direct the machine to properly create your logo. This includes details including the order of stitching, which stitching pattern to use to recreate the proper look, and when to change colors. This cannot be done automatically and takes time. Other factors include complexity of logo and volume of customized orders at that time.

How will I know that the logo will look good?

Once we receive your artwork, we create a virtual rendering that will simulate how your logo will look embroidered. We will send it to you with a side by side comparison to the original artwork for your approval, and will only complete the process once we get your explicit order.

Can I just tell you guys "to do whatever looks good?"

Due to the liability factors no. You might think it's ok for us to do what we want, but that doesn't guarantee your satisfaction with the final product. That creates a compromised situation, so we will need explicit approval from the customer before we execute any customization. It's just better that way. At most you can just provide us your name and a specific desired font. But outside of that you will need to provide all artwork.

Can i change my logo after submitting it?

Generally no, unless you contact us immediately after ordering. The reason is that the digitization of the logo alone already renders us a cost, even prior to any stitching being done. Please be aware of this as you are submitting your logo.

I approved of the rendering, but now that I got it I changed my mind. Can I return this bag?

Barring any manufacturer defect, all sales on customized bags are final.

I already ordered and received a non-customized JetPack, can I still get it customized?

Once we ship out your order we can no longer offer customization. But please understand that the cost for you to ship it to us, and to have it shipped back to you would not make this a reasonable decision anyway.

Should I really order customization?

Everyone is different, but we highly recommend it. Branding is extremely important for DJs and this is an excellent opportunity to have a unique, personalized branded product with your own logo at a reasonable price. The satisfaction rate for customized bags are extremely high, we definitely recommend that you experience owning your own customized JetPack bag.